More than the Olympic Games, the World Series and even the Super Bowl – every four years, the FIFA World Cup gathers the national teams of 32 countries from around the world in the fight for the best of the best. The whole world for a month holds its breath in anticipation of a winning goal.

  • Talent wins not always

Four years ago, the Spanish team won the World Cup. Many expected that they would again become world champions. With the best players in the world, the team included the strongest representatives of the famous clubs of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​it was predicted that Spain could repeat the success of the 2010 Championship. However, this was not destined to happen. They flew out of the game after a shameful loss to the Netherlands and dismal attempts to improve on the field against Chile. Team England and Italy left the Championship in a similar way, opening the way to small and less talented teams. These early departures are an important reminder for entrepreneurs: talent itself does not guarantee success. You need to do more than just be a gifted god. While you take a view when the internet is streaming the World Cup online this is the best thing that you can think of.

  • Community as the best friend of the brand

The Football World Cup is useful for global brand options. Coca-Cola, Nike as well as many other companies have carried out incredible, innovative and exciting advertising campaigns in order to capitalize the human passion for the football championship. Most companies have focused on linking their brands to the global football community, rather than to the products and services themselves. In streaming the World Cup online this is the next best thing that you can think of.

  • And outsiders have a place on the big stage

The uniqueness of the last Championship is that many of the 16 teams that went into the playoffs were not the best in the world. Countries such as Greece, Costa Rica and the United States have all come out of very difficult groups, leaving England, Italy, Spain and Portugal behind. This often happens in big sports, and for business owners this example proves once again that the strongest players are not always suitable for the production of products and services that customers require. This should serve as a reminder to entrepreneurs that they can provide a unique value, even if they are less or less experienced than their nearest competitors.

  • The Importance of Uniqueness

We live in a world of instant communication. We are between social networks and mobile gadgets 24 hours a day. 91% of people fall asleep with the phone at hand, we are more connected than ever before. You might think that FIFA may want to conglomerate on such a trend and hold the World Cup more often. But just like the Olympics, the World Cup should be held at least every four years. The effect of waiting creates an increasing and greater interest in the approaching event.

  • Strategy is a grader on the business game board

If I had suggested that Costa Rica would lead the Netherlands star team to a penalty shootout in the quarterfinals, most would not believe it. This happened, and not by accident. The Costa Rican team understands that they are a weak link, but unlike those who could not make it to the quarterfinals against the Netherlands, the Costa Rican team was going to entice the Flying Dutch into a trap with a simple football strategy: “create a situation outside the game”.

Last Words

For the entrepreneurs, these small and yet successful plans for the Costa Rican national team is an excellent example of what a company must adhere to its strategies. Companies with talented personnel can achieve a lot, but a business with talented personnel and a plan is those that lead the competition and often come first.