There’s no doubt that the new TVS Jupiter scooty is one of the best scooters in its class. Considering the price of the base variant, it offers fantastic value for money. Undoubtedly, the new TVS Jupiter 125 deserves consideration by anyone seeking a universally appealing 125cc scooter that’s practical and fuel efficient.

In the 125 cc scooter segment, the TVS Jupiter 125 occupies an interesting position for the TVS scooty price list. Unlike its sibling, the TVS NTorq 125, which offers more performance and sportiness, the Jupiter 125 focuses more on comfort and practicality. 

In fact, TVS claims that the Jupiter 125 has a brand new two-valve engine that isn’t shared with the TVS NTorq 125. The Jupiter 125 also features a refined design, a new chassis, and new features that give it a fresh appeal and good practicality. How does it compare to the leaders in the 125cc family scooter segment? Our review of the Jupiter 125 looks at what it has to offer. 

Ride comfort and quality

A TVS Jupiter scooty is arguably the best scooter in India regarding ride quality. The front and rear forks are telescopic, and the rear shock is gas-charged. The latest Activa 4G is no exception! As a result of TVS’s body balance technology, Jupiter offers better ride quality because the weight is distributed evenly throughout the vehicle. There is also a 15mm increase in wheelbase compared to Activa, making the ride more stable. Jupiter wins here because of its 12-inch wheels, both front, and back.

Ample number of service centres 

Honda’s service centers have been overwhelmed with Activa sales, which has led to apathy toward customers there. There is much better maintenance at TVS service centers. They even received the highest rating for customer satisfaction in the 2017 JD Power Survey.

Improved light features 

Jupiter also has a much better headlight for the TVS scooty price list. A mobile charging port is optional. Other features include an econometer, an outside fuel outlet, two hooks, a pass light switch, an EZ center stand, and an external fuel inlet. In ZX models, Sync Brakes are similar to Activa Combi brakes.

Engine and Fuel Economy

TVS Jupiter is powered by a specially developed 125cc, two-valve, single-cylinder engine, which has a completely different design from the NTorq 125’s triple-valve head. With 8.04 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 10.5 Nm torque at 4500 rpm, the Jupiter 110 offers 0.3 horsepower and 1.7 Nm more power. Smooth acceleration is experienced when Jupiter is started from a standstill. It accelerates at about 75kmph with a constant pace thanks to its 125cc engine’s low end and mid-range. 

TVS Jupiter Features

Adapting the TVS NTorq 125 instrument cluster, the Jupiter ZX SmartXonnect features an all-digital instrument cluster. In addition, it offers navigation, voice assistance, and call/SMS functionality. TVS intelliGo technology is installed on the Jupiter ZX Disc, which automatically shuts off the engine after a long period of idling. The engine is turned back on with a gentle twist of the throttle. 

By using this feature, the TVS Jupiter scooty can increase its mileage and reduce emissions on congested roads. In addition, it has a silent starter. Added convenience comes from the all-in-one ignition key slot. Furthermore, Jupiter has an LED headlight, a large under-seat storage compartment with 21 liters, and a 2-liter cubbyhole on the back of the apron with a USB charging port.

Performance & Dynamics

TVS says that the engine is not the same as the three-valve engine on the NTorq, which has a 124.8cc single cylinder. Maximum torque of 10.5 Nm is delivered at 4,500 rpm at an engine speed of 6,500 rpm. The engine produces 8.04 bhp at 6,500 rpm. The Jupiter 125 isn’t spectacularly quick right off the bat, but acceleration picks up in the midrange once it’s on the move. 

Despite the engine’s smooth power delivery, one cannot detect any harshness or unwelcome harshness. With the start-stop system, the engine starts up instantly and silently when you twist the throttle at a stop light. The two-valve engine offers smooth and refined performance if you ride between 60 and 70 kmph. 

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