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Online Sports News in Vietnam

by John Smith

Xem TheThao is an online international sports news site in Vietnam that provides information on football, tennis, golf, and a whole lot more. Unlike other sports news sites, Xem TheThao offers real time updates, ensuring that you know the latest information on your favorite teams. Xem TheThao is very easy to use, and is very popular among fans of Vietnamese football. You can access the site by signing up for an account and registering for a free membership. You can also subscribe for a monthly membership if you wish. You can also watch live streams of games, receive notifications on your phone, and even get notifications of scores.

8X Sports News

Known as the largest sports news site in Vietnam, 8X is an online sports portal. 8X offers sports news for amateur sports fans and professional sports fans. 8X also provides live scores and updates for various sports, including football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, e-sports and martial arts. It also features live reports from major sporting events, including the upcoming SEA Games and FIFA World Cup in 2019.

8X is a leading sports news website in Vietnam. 8X offers a comprehensive collection of casino trực tuyến, articles, and videos. 8X also features live scores and predictions. Its website also includes a community of sports fans. It also features a video blog, a ticket booking system, and a credit system for refunds.

The website’s coverage of football in Vietnam includes the country’s national team. 8X also provides information about local soccer teams. It also includes a calendar of upcoming matches and events. 8X offers a prediction game that allows users to predict the outcome of upcoming matches.


Whether you’re a professional sports fan or an amateur, online sports news can be an invaluable resource. Sports news websites offer breaking news, live scores, and predictions for upcoming matches. Moreover, some sites also offer video content.

If you’re a football fan in Vietnam, you might want to check out YeuTheThao, 8X online sports news. This website provides live coverage of major sporting events in Vietnam. It also provides information about sports teams from Vietnam and around the world. It is one of the most popular online sports media sites in Vietnam.

YeuTheThao specializes in football news, but it also covers other sports. The site features information about leagues and tournaments in Vietnam, and provides a free online sports prediction game. It also has a mobile app that you can download for free.

Another website that you should check out is YouSport, the largest sports news site in Vietnam. It offers a variety of sports news in both Vietnamese and English. It also has a community for sports fans. The site has articles and video content, and it is updated twenty-four hours a day.


Xemthethao789 online sports news in Vietnam is a fast-growing website that is popular among Vietnamese sports fans. With a strong team of vetted professionals and extensive coverage, the website offers a comprehensive range of sports news. You can also find information on e-sports, local leagues and upcoming events.

The website also features live scores, predictions, statistics and articles on a variety of sports. The sports news site also has an interesting mobile application and a prediction game. You can book tickets to games and other events in Vietnam, too.

Xem the thao 789 also provides a detailed calendar of upcoming events in Vietnam. The site also offers live soccer scores, videos and other interactive content. You can also sign up for an online soccer prediction game. The site is available in both Vietnamese and English.

The website is updated frequently and features videos of major sporting events around the world. It also includes a video blog. It is primarily aimed at Vietnamese football fans but its content also includes rugby, basketball and volleyball.

Thao 247

Having a reliable internet connection is essential if you want to get the best sports news in Vietnam. The sports media market in Vietnam is booming, with numerous websites providing news, live scores, videos, and prediction games for local fans.

One of the most popular sports news websites in Vietnam is 8X casino trực tuyến. This website offers sports news for amateurs and professional sports fans. It also features live scores, ticket booking, and refund management. You can make predictions and win prizes from the website. It also has a community of sports fans. The website also covers a wide range of sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, rugby, and e-sports.

Another website is Xem the Thai 789, which is a fast growing sports website in Vietnam. This website provides in-depth coverage of all major sports in Vietnam. It features live reports, videos, articles, and sports videos on all kinds of sports. The website also has a calendar of upcoming events. The website has both Vietnamese and English versions.

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