Accidents can happen to anyone at any time and create a hole in the pocket. Investing in an Acko bike insurance policy is a great way to safeguard yourself and your family from unforeseen situations. You can choose from the following three Acko two-wheeler policies to enjoy a worry-free bike ride. 

Third-party bike insurance

Third-party bike insurance offers financial protection for causing damages, bodily injuries, or death to the third party in an accident. All two-wheeler owners must have a third-party bike insurance policy as per the Indian Motor Vehicle Act. 

You can avail of third-party covers from Acko bike insurance at low premiums of ₹499 and can have a cover of up to ₹1 lakh for damages to third-party property.

Comprehensive bike insurance

Comprehensive bike insurance is a combination of third-party cover and own-damage cover. It offers financial coverage for damages to your bike due to an accident, natural disaster, fire, man-made disaster, and theft. 

Personal Accident or PA cover

It is mandated by law in India and is included in comprehensive bike insurance plans from Acko. However, you need to buy it additionally with a third-party cover. 

What is not covered by Acko bike insurance plans?

There are permanent exclusions for Acko bike insurance policies against which a policyholder cannot enjoy the coverage benefits. Some include

  • Damages due to drunk driving
  • Damages due to war or riots
  • Repairing costs due to natural wear and tear
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns
  • Claims against a lapsed policy
  • Damages caused by an unlicensed driver or illegal activities

Add-on covers in Acko Bike Insurance Policy

When you buy an Acko bike insurance policy, you will be provided with different add-on covers to enhance your coverage capacity. These are:

Zero depreciation cover

Zero depreciation or nil depreciation is an add-on cover that covers the repair or replacement cost of the bike’s insured parts without considering the depreciated value. 

Personal belongings cover

It is an add-on cover that provides financial coverage to the insured in case of theft, damage, or loss of his personal belongings along with the bike. 

Roadside assistance cover

The roadside assistance add-on cover helps the bike riders on the way if their bikes encounter a mechanical failure, flat tire, or drained battery. It is best for those who frequently ride on unfamiliar terrains or travel outside the city.

Key protection cover

The key protection add-on cover in bike insurance covers the expenses incurred on repairing or replacing the keys. 

Outstation emergency cover

An Acko bike insurance plan with outstation emergency cover assists a policyholder in case of bike breakdowns or road accidents while traveling outstation. 

Engine protection cover

The engine protection cover is an add-on that covers all the damages or losses to the insured bike’s engine due to water ingestion or lubricant oil leak.

Consumables cover

The add-on cover from the Acko bike insurance policy covers the cost of all the consumable items of the bike, including bolts, lubricants, nuts, and others. 

Benefits of investing in Acko bike insurance policy


The cost-effective Acko bike insurance policy can be bought online without paying any brokerage amount. You just have to visit their official website, fill in your bike details, select the type of cover and pay the premium amount to get the policy instantly. 

Easy renewal 

You can do bike insurance renewal online within a few minutes while sitting comfortably at your home or office. The facility is available 24/7 and promises a stress-free experience. 

Wide network

The insurance provider has a vast number of network garages in India. You can enjoy a cashless facility at the network garages without worrying about the mounting bills. 

24×7 customer services

With Acko’s customer support team, you can get answers to your queries without any hassle. They are available round the clock to assist you in the best possible way. 

Additional savings

If you are looking for additional savings and discounts, you can opt for long-term plans. A multi-year bike insurance plan from Acko can help policyholders save money in the long run. 

Easy claim process

A policyholder can quickly raise a claim with the insurance provider by following a few steps. Log into your account and press the ‘Claim Now’ tab. You now need to answer the questions, upload images and click the ‘Submit’ button, and the insurer will take care of the rest. 

Acko bike insurance also ensures the quick and smooth settlement of claims within a few hours or days, depending upon the extent of damages. 


Acko is a trustworthy insurance provider with fair and transparent deals and no hidden clauses associated with bike insurance plans. 

In conclusion

You should choose an insurance provider that understands your insurance needs and requirements. Buying an Acko bike insurance policy can be a good idea.