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Design to create new putting courses for PopStroke

by John Smith

Tiger Woods Ventures has entered into a strategic partnership with PopStroke Entertainment Group to see the layout company produce new setting releases at select PopStroke locations.
PopStroke now has a venue in Port St. Lucie, Florida, featuring an 18-hole artificial turf course designed with the help of Jackson Kahn, a golf simulator bay and a restaurant. The company plans to open a number of large locations in 2020, including centers in Scottsdale, Arizona and Fort Myers, Florida.

“This is an herb extension of my golf route layout philosophy and his TGR design business,” he said Woods. “Our goal has always been to create publications that bring people together and make golfers of all skill levels and ages laugh. Balls electronically submit their ratings to the PopStroke app, allowing players to compete while earning “Pop Bucks” through the company’s Loyalty Rewards app program.

Tiger Woods has had the greatest impact on the development of the golf industry. His funding and his partnership with PopStroke will introduce the sport to a new and broader target market for participants.” we guess” PopStroke.

“Some of my happiest memories are spending time and competing with Pops on his route of golf,” said Woods. “We are looking forward to seeing people join PopStroke with their children. It is a new way to enjoy golf.

Bartle joined Pop Stroke’s board of directors through Chris Human, CFO of Tiger Woods Ventures, and Peter Bevacqua, president of NBC Sports and former CEO of PGA of America.

“We are very pleased and honored to work with Tiger and he is able to bring the PopStroke experience to the nation,” said Bartle.


Is PopStroke Indoors?

About PopStroke is a unique, family-pleasant golfing and informal out of doors eating revel in for all ages. PopStroke functions 18-hollow setting publications designed via way of means of Tiger Woods and TGR Design, and an out of doors eating region with a complete bar, ice cream, out of doors games, and a children playground. Using our cellular app you could order from the course, use the virtual scoreboard & shop with Pop Bucks rewards program.

Why is it called PopStroke?

(PopStroke is named partially for the nickname the golf icon had for his dad, Earl “Pops” Woods.) But it’s not just the two 18-holes, synthetic-green, putting courses that make this a cool project for St. Dennis. Or even the variety of craft beer, wine, signature cocktails, ice cream and outdoor games.

Is PopStroke real grass?

At PopStroke, there is no Bermuda or bent grass to tee up on, rather, players putt on a synthetic turf golf course that looks and feels like the real thing, minus the sea breeze and salt air.

How long play at PopStroke?

In terms of value, I’m inclined to give PopStroke the edge, too. Single rounds take about an hour and cost $15 per person, and while this is a bit steeper than even high-end mini-golf rounds, the upgrade to 36 holes is just $5 more per person, which I think offers some nice value.

PopStroke is a golfing venue with an 18-hole setting guide designed with the help of Woods and his TGR Designs team. These are of paramount importance because Woods has provided part of the ownership and about a year ago he agreed to draft a guide for PopStroke Centers. The center also offers a full menu of outdoor dining, an extensive selection of craft beers and other alcoholic beverages, ice cream, outdoor video games, and a children’s playground.


TGR Design typically strives to introduce the sport of golf to a wider target market of players and find new approaches for people and families to enjoy the sport. At the heart of each mission is a passion for creating fun, great golf reports that bring people together. An extension of TGR Design’s commercial venture and Tiger’s golf path layout philosophy, the PopStroke is a plant-based fit. Founded in 2018, PopStroke is a technology-infused idea of ​​golf recreation that showcases professionally designed placement publications and great food and drink.

In addition TGR ​​Design designed and completed the first Placement publication at his PopStroke facility in Fort Myers, Florida. Based in Houston, Texas. Scottsdale and Glendale, Arizona. Sarasota, Orlando, Tampa, Delray Beach and Florida are currently under development. TGR Design and Tiger Woods may be responsible for designing releases related to specific his PopStroke locations and would love to bring PopStroke to your garden.

“Tiger Woods has had the greatest impact on the development of the sport of arena golf. His funding and partnership with PopStroke will introduce the sport to a new and broader target market of participants.” It will be,” said PopStroke founder Greg Bartle.

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