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Black Friday's Hidden History How it All Started

Black Friday’s Hidden History: How it All Started

by John Smith

Black Friday sales begin immediately after Thanksgiving dinners. It begs the question, where did Black Friday begin?

It can be used to refer to two different occasions. It’s used most commonly in the United States to refer to the day after Thanksgiving. This marks the start of the Christmas shopping season and is well-known for the significant discounts offered by clothing stores.

It could also be referred to as September 24, 1869. This is the day that gold speculators caused a financial panic in the United States.

When was the first time that “Black Friday” was used? “

It is a common misconception that Black Friday comes from the word “black”, which means “showing a profit; and not showing any losses”. This is false.

Black has been often associated with economic hardship and not a commercial success. The market crash in 1869 where Jay Gould, a banker, and James Fisk, a railway tycoon, tried to control the gold market led to panic and ultimately the collapse of the financial system, which was known as “Black Friday”. Another stock market crash, this one called “Black Tuesday”, occurred 60 years later on October 29, 1929. This was the beginning of the Great Depression.

It may be a reference to the day after Thanksgiving. The original meaning of the word, “characterized with tragedy or misfortune”, is what inspired it to be called “Black Friday”. When many of their workers used fake sick days to prolong their Thanksgiving holiday, manufacturers began to refer to the day after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday” during the 1950s.

The 1980s were crucial in the creation of mythology. The idea that “Black Friday” refers to stores being “in black” or “in red” due to sales up until then was only discovered in the 1980s.

How does Black Friday work?

Black Friday, an annual sales event, is held at the end of November, just after Thanksgiving. Like in previous years, this year retailers will offer the best online sales and deals.

This day became known as “Black Friday”. The day became a common name for retailers, helping them to make strong profits and stay in the black. The Day After Thanksgiving is also known as. This was once the official start of the holiday shopping season. Most stores offer Doorbuster Sales to lure customers to their shops. To grab the best deals of the year, people line up hours before stores open. We have seen a growing trend to sell Black Friday sales online in the last few years.

It is no longer a one-day event. Its sales have been starting way before Friday in the last few years, starting from 2013. Some stores started their sales on Thanksgiving Day. Others began on Monday and Wednesday. It is not surprising that its sales start on Mondays during this week. It has not been the most profitable day revenue-wise. Thanksgiving Day and CyberMonday are the biggest sales days.

Black Friday Shopping

A wide range of shops both online and offline offer huge discounts on this day. It deal often start at midnight, or even earlier on Thanksgiving Day. They do this to maximize their holiday shopping.

Are you ready for Black Friday Shopping Madness? Have you considered what you should buy during the Black Friday sales?

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